Bath time reaction (Update)

About two weeks ago I mentioned that Jaden had a rash on his chest and it was most likely caused by perfumed soap. I was using Johnson & Johnson’s which was infused with honey.

My switch was NO PERFUME. I tested Aveeno baby body lotion & Comforts for baby body wash and Eucerine baby relief for eczema.

The results are in : Jaden’s rash is completely gone!!! Such a relief. I was shocked that in such a short time period it cleared away. I applied it right after bath time twice (day and night) applied it on his chest and some on his neck and that was it.

This is a great review to share with all parents because if your child is suffering from small rashes it could be a simple switch that can make it go away and can make them feel more comfortable in their own baby skin.

I won’t be using the Johnson & Johnson soap again and if I do want to add any type of fragrant, I’ll use some baby perfume I have which I can just spritz on his clothes before we go out.

Hope this helps 🙂

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