The necessity of WINE.

It’s funny even having a title like this. Do you remember when you tasted wine for the first time and it was like “yuck” it’s horrible, why are my parents drinking this…. (fast forward a few years into our own adulthood) & look us now choosing which reds and whites we’d like to take home from the wine section. It’s hilarious to me.

Everything is about balance. It’s important to always enjoy things we like to do ourselves. It’s important to not lose ourselves in the small joys & in particular per this topic : Wine.

It’s so perfect, a nice chilled glass, after you’ve put your baby down. A glass while eating lunch or dinner. It’s just something I can’t not have in my home. I’ve come to enjoy wine a whole lot more after being a mother because it just takes the edge off in the most none aggressive way. I used wonder when I was younger why is this mom or that mom always drinking wine … I get it now, they all had children lol I embrace it all.

A glass of wine every other day keeps the parenting stress away. If I didn’t have my wine I don’t know what I’d do lol. I wouldn’t want to be drinking anything stronger because that’s just wrong but ALSO take note that it doesn’t always have to be an alcoholic beverage sometimes a glass of icy water or in my case cranberry grape juice from Welches on ice… that is a delicious drinkable treat all on it’s own.

Being a new mom/parent is a lot of work. It takes a lot out of you. It’s demanding and never-ending but it’s rewarding and I am sure we can all agree despite what we do with our children or how they act, they are the best thing that has happened to us. However, I’m sure we’ve a gotten to that point where you feel frustrated, you want to give up, throw in the towel and you’re thinking to yourself for a brief second “is this what I got myself into.” I’ve had those moments & they are totally normal. None of us are the perfect parent but to our babies we can be and like I always repeat, balance is key.


If you’re a parent who is drinking a beverage stronger than wine on a regular basis to “numb” anything aka Alcohol abuse. I suggest you seek help immediately. Health is wealth and you need to be at your right mind while raising your child. If you drink and start yelling or feel frustrated and start to take whatever you’re feeling out on your child, you need to cut your habits immediately for their and your safety and everyone in the house hold at that. There  is always somebody to talk to and there is always HELP if you seek it.

For information and help on this go to

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