What are our (my) options?

In every relationship or not, there comes a time when you might reach cross roads. The type of cross roads which lead you to ask “what are our (my) options?” With this topic, I am specifically talking about when it comes to having children.

Every single woman has a different body, every single women faces different challenges to overcome in her own way. Does it make it impossible? Absolutely not but, one can look at the different options in order to achieve what you’ve always wanted.

First and foremost, *Natural conceiving* we all know how this works so there’s no need to delve in. It might not work on the first try but if all goes well your little egg will be nestled in and your journey begins.

If conceiving naturally isn’t working for you, don’t lose hope. We live in a world where technology is smarter than humans and we are in a time where doctors have found solutions to many different life changing circumstances. Not everyone will agree with me but I believe in ALL possibilities & I believe you should always explore them if they are available and accessible.

*Surrogacy* The ability of having someone else carry your own child to be for you. This works by implanting the embryo with an egg and sperm either with you and your partner or a donor.

How great is this?! It might be a bit costly depending on who your surrogate is but with a healthy scheduled plan and doctor visits per usual….’9 months later you’ll be holding your bundle of joy and it’s your baby. A surrogate is literally an oven. Nothing from her is your child unless planned to be.

*IVF* (In vitro fertilization) this process starts with women taking hormonal therapy which stimulates the body to produce eggs. Once these eggs are collected they are placed and fertilized in a test tube for the creation of embryos after this process is done they  get transferred through the vagina to the uterus.

As easy as it may sound, unfortunately it’s not and it’s also very costly. Not all of the embryos are successful and I’ve heard it can sometimes take months and years. Sometimes women can become pregnant and along the way, sadly there is a miscarriage and even still births in some cases and the whole process has to start all over again.

If IVF is in your plans I suggest you do thorough research and make sure you are mentally/physically and financially prepared.

*IUI* (intrauterine insemination) from my research this is a fairly simple procedure where sperm is injected through the cervix to the uterus with a flexible catheter. Its a process which takes approximately 2 minutes (in & out). The success rate of an IUI isn’t very high at all but it’s still an option.

Lastly an option that doesn’t involve doctors whatsoever but an open heart and a loving home…*Adoption* – the most beautiful of all if you’re willing. I believe that every woman and man should be able to experience being a parent and loving a child in some way, shape or form.

There are many of blessed and beautiful children in the world who unfortunately don’t have parents at all due to different circumstances & you could be that person or family who gives a child a loving home. Love is the greatest thing above everything else and even if a child isn’t your by blood it doesn’t mean that you’ll love them any less especially if adoption is in your plans. Everyone deserves a have tome be filled with joy.

I hope this post find comfort someone. You have choices & just because the road might be difficult it doesn’t make it impossible. Never give up hope & never ever give up faith ❤

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